Bowl Cutters


Short Description:

No matter what quantity required: Due to the versatile machine types with different bowl capacities, our bowl cutter series has the right bowl cutter for every need. The different bowl cutters are fantastically suited for the production of all types of sausage. And thanks to the sophisticated design of the cutting chamber, and the shape of the knives and bowl, you can rely on our bowl cutters for consistent product quality in production – regardless of which batch.

  • Versatile machine types for different batches
  • Removable baffle plate allows variable cutting chamber sizes
  • Easy operation
  • Electric knife cover (CM 50/70 option, from 90 litres standard)

Can be combined with CutVision and CutControl software for recipe management and quality management


K+G Wetter is a German company that produces high quality machines for meat processing, made from robust, indestructible materials. And it is precisely this machine quality that provides outstanding end results in the value chain. Something about which not only the butchers, but also the consumers are enthusiastic. Quality that you can taste in the final product.

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