Its flexibility is what attracts customers to the Cubixx 100 L Dicer. Whether it diced meat for stews, meat strips for fry, ham strips or grated cheese, the Cubixx 100 L effectively carries out any job you need.

  • Fully sealed product loading chamber with open drainages
  • Loading chamber closure with compression block
  • Computer controlled
  • THC system*
  • Compact design on wheels
  • Two-part grid
  • Hardened shear edges and product stabilisers
  • Simple and safe grid fixation


Holac Maschinenbau GmbH today is a leading, globally recognised company in the cutting-technology industry, with its headquarters in Nattheim, Germany. For over 50 years, holac has been providing solutions to cut meat, meat products, cheese, fish and vegetables.

The holac brand stands for unsurpassed precision, reliability and quality. Our experience and the creativity we apply in developing our machines always guarantee our dominant position in the global market. The company’s strategy is to focus firmly on our core area: cutting technology for foodstuffs.

The production location of Holac Maschinenbau GmbH is Nattheim, Germany. The company values are also the central success factors of its products: robustness, durability, individuality, effectiveness, value retention and leadership in technology. These are the qualities found in every Holac product – Made in Germany!

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