ReeFlow 250 is an horyzontal flow wrapper machine processing  bags with three sides sealing. Two models suitable with film wrap unwinding from the top or bottom side. Extremely flexible, is able to handle a wide variety of products cutting down the time for change-over to a different formats. Wholly made in stainless steel and is ideal for operation in the most aggressive environments typical of the food industry.Robust stainless steel frame designed specifically for easy cleaning and sanitization.

Both machines are equipped with the most efficient motorization and driving system and can accommodate different packaging and performance requirements.
Asynchronous motors controlled by inverter, step-less motors, or brushless motors together control all the various movements and synchronizations between the flow-wrappers’ in-feed conveyor, film unwinding and sealing devices, to the packaged product discharge.
The final result is by 2 transversal sealing with 1 in a bottom side longitudinal.


Reepack SRL is a company operating in the field of manufacturing packaging machinery with an extensive range of semiautomatic and fully automatic machine.
High experience in manufacturing packaging machinery has given us a deep understanding of the demanding production requirements.

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