Boleto Fish Gutting Machines for species such as: Trout, Mackerel, Arctic Char, Sea bream Sea bass or Herring is simple and solid in construction.
It is easy to operate, and maintenance can be carried out by the operator, i.e. no extra costs are involved to outside assistance. Also the maintenance costs are very low.
The machine is made to order and built, according to customers information about type and size of fish to be gutted. Thus optimum reliability is obtained, and less than 0,5 % fish is damaged during the gutting process.
Stainless steel is used, throughout ensuring easy cleaning and long life of the machine.
The machine has CE approval, and is equipped with all necessary safety guards and emergency switches to ensure maximum operator safety. Also the operator’s position is ergonomically correct, both when placing fish on the hooks and when reaching for the control board.
Installation and running are carried out by Boleto. Instruction manual and spare parts list are delivered together with the machine.


Boleto provides complete solutions for the gutting of fish such as trout, Sea bass, Sea bream, Arctic char, Mackerel, Herring etc. Based in Denmark and on decades of experience, they can offer our customers professional advice and assistance from start to finish analyzing and implementation of complete lines for fish gutting plants.
They offer both standard machines and complete customized solutions.
Boleto is a global supplier of turnkey systems for gutting of both farmed fish as wild caught.

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