Suitable for pre-chopped meat with spices and auxiliary materials for producing hamburgers, sausages, kebabs, vegetable and cheese products, Mixers guarantee optimum workflows with the shortest possible processing times.

The innovative and unique mixing geometry enables intensive, fast and robust mixing and complete emptying. All Mixers are available with a cooking and cooling function. The optionally integratable weighing device, which determines the current weight of the mixture, ensures that the ingredients have been added in the correct quantity.

The seamless and gap-free welding typical for Seydelmann, as well as the solid, stainless steel design of the machine frame and the hopper, make the machines robust, reliable and long-lasting.

With mixing under vacuum, air is extracted during the mixing process. The avoidance of oxygen entry inhibits the propagation of microorganisms in the material considerably and accordingly reduces the bacteria content. The product has an extended shelf life and looks fresh for a longer period of time. Mixing under vacuum also promotes even better absorption of spices, additives and auxiliary materials by opening up the meat cells. Because the entry of air into the mixed product is reduced considerably, the cut of the product becomes denser and clearer in the further processing.


Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG has been developing and producing high-performance machinery for food processing for more than 175 years. Located in in Southern Germany,  it serves master butchers and production managers in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in large corporations on all five continents and in more than 150 countries.

Although they are mainly used for the production of sausages and meat products in general, the Seydelmann machines have also proven themselves with manufacturers of cheese, vegetable, fish and pharmaceutical products, as well as in the confectionery, soup, baked goods and baby food industry.

The Seydelmann engineers, mechanics and designers place uncompromisingly high demands on materials, technology and processing for development, design and manufacturing.