Bowl Cutters


Short Description:

  • Made of AISI304 stainless steel.
  • Thick cast stainless steel bowl.
  • Electronically variable, high knife speeds; 1000-4000 rpm.
  • 2-3 independent motors.
  • Standard forward and reverse, slow knife mixing speed.
  • 24 V, water resistant electrical unit.
  • Automatic knife brake.
  • Thermally protected, electric knife motor.
  • Interchangeable 6 and 3 knife head with compensation rings.
  • Digital dough thermometer.
  • Motorized, opening and closing knife cover.
  • Folding plastic anti-noise cover with CE automatic speed reduction when opened.
  • Closed base & Easy cleaning.


K+G Wetter is a German company that produces high-quality machines for meat processing, made from robust, indestructible materials. And it is precisely this machine quality that provides outstanding end results in the value chain. Something about which not only the butchers but also the consumers are enthusiastic. Quality that you can taste in the final product.

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